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Martin Garrix - Animals

Drop: duh DUH DUH DUH DUH deh deh deh dooh de-duh.

duh deh deh deh deh duh duh duh dah duh

duh deh deh deh deh duh duh duh de du

dooh dooh doo deeh diih!

Melody: nuh, nuh nuh nuh, neh, nuh nuhnuhnuhnuh,

nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh

nunuh nuh nuh nuh nuh.






gwaeee rorororororor 

graae rorororororor 

waaa rorororororororo 

waaa roorroorrooorrooorro 

calm down excision.

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Anonymous asked: I accidentally submitted what I was trying to ask so sorry :( What I was trying to find out was two different songs. The First song has a women singing repeated echoing lyrics which goes something like " I see you and the phone would ring...ring,.ring" followed by a huge drop of course with some of the filthiest churns ever. The Second track has some huge buildup until a guy yells "SOUND of the RECORD (?Player or Bass?) then dropping to some gynormous bass swells and tight fitted mids.

Haha love the descriptions “filthy chruns, gynormous bass swells and tight fitted mids”.

I’m not sure about the first track - but if I had to guess about the second track, i’d say it’s Knife Party’s remix of Nero - crush on you.